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 Judi and Shari at Border's Books in Santa Barbara
Vivian Porter interviewed Judi and Shari recently on her Show, Community Lights, at KEARTH Radio, 101 FM.
Book Signing and Food Demonstration 
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Listen to Judi and Shari on the Dr. Pat show
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The Dr. Pat Show
Judi & Shari on 
The Frankie Boyer Show
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San Francisco Book Signing
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Book Signing and 
Lecture for CALM 
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San Francisco
CBS TV | Bay Sunday | May 20, 2012  |  Watch the Video!
Barnes & Nobel @ The Grove Beverly Hills March 2012
Photos of Judi and Shari at Borders Books @ The Grove, Beverly Hills
The Double Energy Twins
on NBC's TODAY Show

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Shari & Judi on
Home & Family
If you missed it, 
watch it online here
Home & Family Show  January 14, 2014 
on the Hallmark Channel. Judi and Shari 
with Mark Steines & Cristina Ferrare (hosts). 
Made Mrs Marpel's Maple Meltaways from The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook

October 7, 2014

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future Book Signings and Charitable Events